02 Jan

We proud as hell

People don’t have time, they make time. Some things are worth making time for. We should prioritize and make time for those things.


Seems pretty straight forward. Thing is….which things are those things? That’s the ultimate question.

Things get less mysterious from here on, because even though there is no one answer, there are answers, and people who address these questions, or things, everyday. People with experience, an experience that is not linear to years. We’ll get to them soon. Some “experts” spend their whole lives preaching and barely scratch the surface, but some special others quickly find a tiny dent on the surface and dig deep all the way to earth’s core.

How do we tell these two apart? Easy, ask them to share what they know.

Those who have wisdom don’t covet their intel, they want widespread understanding on how to do things better, because they know that is always a win-win situation. All the more, they know the real risk lies in never leaving the surface. In letting the world go on operating without harnessing the underlying.

What does “harnessing the underlying” mean?

Anything that doesn’t make the cut in our A+B=C statement will not be reviewed and will follow a mainstream formula that is not worth ruminating in. We have limited resources (money, people, time), it only makes sense. Everything that does fall into that scope, on the other hand, will be carefully analyzed. But somehow, we find that even then, many fall into the trap of following undercover copy paste formulas.

Harnessing the underlying means tackling the thing problem: to understand what is important, what to make time for and how to address it to build the infrastructure needed to support change. If not, you will pay pricey agencies to implement complex plans and strategies that fall short of your expectations. You will nest a type of leadership that will become a setback instead of an asset. Lose money on ads that don’t make the KPI’s.

All of this can be avoided.

It’s not an easy path, but it’s simple. How to lead, how to scale, how to design healthy organizations, content aligned to core business, we talk about this all the time. And we’re not the only ones. There are people all over the world, who are Top Voices on what they do, who do so too. They care about these matters and do them well. They have clarity on what is fine to overlook and what has an underlying assumption that could hijack your organization.

We sought after these Top Voices. We are all gathered here, in three ebooks.

We don’t all share views and opinions, or at least that’s not the commonthread. But we all want to have better conversations. Skip the “5 tips for” and templated manuals to avoid uncomfortable questions and dig in deeper. Good work requires effort. We know. But it gets easier if you share the load.

People who know and care, we believe and have written proof, are generous people. They do what they do because they genuinely believe it will make the world, each world, our worlds, a better place. Everyone collaborating here is doing it out of sheer love for what they do. To share. To walk you through change. To provide insight.

Each article is a window into what these experts are worried about, what they think should be talked about, made time for.

Get to know them. We’re proud and excited about our little underlying project, made of individual and collective thoughts and philosophies that have been brewing in our minds our whole careers. That is present in our daily lives. Maybe now in yours.

We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did. We hope this sparks your curiosity. And most of all, we hope you reach out, so that this is only the beginning of an ongoing conversation worth making time for.

You can find The Underlying Project at www.topvoices.co, and you can reach out to share any type of feedback, suggestions, comments or anything really to any member of Sunstone.

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